Mount Usambara

The Usambara Mountains are situated in the North Eastern of Tanzania bordering Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Mountain rises up steeply from the surrounding plains and can be reached to the top via few roads. The only tarmac road which winds up the arch to the platform following along a small river to Soni and Lushoto, the largest towns in the area. Because of its pleasant climate this area was favored by the Germans and English colonialists, hence there are many historical buildings in the area that will be part the interest to you.

This area offers some amazing viewpoints that you see as far Mkomazi, Handeni and to catch the spectacular Mt. Kilimanjaro on the horizon.

Usambara offers infinitive stay and activities.

Montessori Sisters (4 -5 hours)
This tour takes you for a short walk from Lushoto to the catholic Mission of the Montessori Sisters in Ubiri. At this beautiful landscaped mission you can learn about taste and buy locally made cheeses, wine and jams.

Irente Viewpoint (5 -6 hours)
From the famous Irente View point you see the village of Mazinde almost at an altitude of 1000m below the vast Savannah plains and beyond. On the return trip to Lushoto you visit the Irente Farm cheese factory and the royal village of Kwembago.

Usambara Farm and Flora (4 -5 hours)
This walk takes you trough the fertile farmlands of Jaegertal to a fruit tree nursery where you learn about different varieties of fruit trees and their propagation. You can continue uphill to the village of Vuli to learn about local soil conservation, irrigation projects and farming methods. You return to Lushoto via the Arboretum.

Magamba Rainforest (5 -6hours)
This tour begins with an uphill walk from Lushoto to the royal village of Kwembago, where you learn about the cultural history of the traditional ruling clan, the kilindi. From Kwembago you have a beautiful view over Lushoto and the Maasai plains. You proceed to the lush Mangamba rainforest, home to black and white colobus monkeys. The return to Lushoto passes via an old German Middles School and the village of Magamba.

Growing Rock (5 -6hours)
From Soni you walk to the top of Kwamongo Mountain peak, famous for its multicolored butterflies, via the village of Shashui and Kwemula. From Kwamongo you have views of Soni, Lushoto and the Handeni plains. You descend to the village of Magila at the foot of the”Growing Rock” to visit a soil conservation project and learn why the rock is growing.

Bangala River tour (5 -6hours)
From the village of Mbuzii you weave slowly down the steep slopes of the Bangala River Valley, at times wading trough cool mountains streams that offer a welcome relief to the rising Savannah heat. Thoughout the walk you see traditional irrigation systems and have beautiful views over the Maasai plains. Before returning to Lushoto you visit a local farm or tree nursery

Western Usambara (3 -5days)
From Lucite you pass through tropical rain forests, trek over mountains and through valleys to the villages of Lukozi, Monolo and Sunga before finally reaching your destination at the historical village of Mtae. On the route you reach several superb viewpoints and visit various develop projects.

Mazumbai Forest (4- 5 days)
This physically challenging walk begins in Soni and passes via Kwamongo and magila, from there the walk continue to Bumbuli Mission a historical German settlement and continue to the Mazumbai rain forest reserve a bird watcher’s paradise. After then you return to Soni via village of Mgwashi and Kwesine.