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Nous avons fait un séjour en Tanzanie (2 adultes et une enfant de 16 ans) et nous avons été accompagnés par Joh lors de notre safari dans 4 parcs du nord. Il nous a accompagné depuis notre arrivée à Arusha jusqu’à notre départ dans l’avion pour Zanzibar.

Discret, cultivé, passionné et drôle, il a su nous faire découvrir la vie dans la savane et n’a pas hésité, pour nous faire plaisir, à prendre du temps pour rejoindre des endroits perdus un peu hors “des sentiers battus”.

Il parle très bien l’anglais et assez bien le français. Il peut organiser un séjour en Tanzanie avec Safari et repos sur les iles de Zanzibar ou Pemba.

Merci pour ce merveilleux voyage et pour votre présence discrète.

Véronique, Dominique et Elisa (France – Lyon)

PS : Nous ne parlons pas du véhicule (nettoyé chaque jour) et des hébergements en lodges qui étaient parfaits.

Dear RA Safaris Team,

On behalf of my family I would like to congratulate and thank you for the outstanding service and customer care you provided us during our amazing vacations at your beautiful country.

It has been one of the most exciting vacations we had and a key factor for that certainly was picking RA Safaris as our travel agency.

The organization of our tour was really great. Everything run well and accordingly. My kids enjoyed so much the entire journey. Mosses wasn’t just a fantastic guide, but a “buddy”. My little daughter Camilla missed him at the first hour we left Tanzania. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly guide.

I am convinced that keeping the professionalism, ethics, customer and environmental care, RA Safaris will be one of the most desired travel agencies by tourists.

Feel free to use my name and e-mail address for any further reference you may need to provide to your future customers.

Best wishes for you and your family.

All the best for the great professional and man, Mosses.

Osório Donizeti Sant’Anna
Sales & Marketing Director
Eaton Hydraulics
South America

Jambo !

Que de bons souvenirs ce safari photos en Tanzanie !

Dès l’arrivée à l’aéroport d’Arusha, Joh nous a accueilli et s’est très vite intégré à notre petite famille: nous deux, avec notre fille de 15 ans. Pendant 6 jours, il nous a fait découvrir une partie de son merveilleux pays : Arusha, Tanrangire, Lac Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti.

A bord de ce gros 4X4 avec toit  largement ouvrant , debout, nous découvrons ces parcs et observons la savane et ses animaux sauvages. Parfois, nous avons quitté la piste principale tout en respectant l’écosystème, pour se rapprocher au plus proche de l’évènement : nous nous rappelons encore ce pique-nique au milieu de dizaines d’éléphants dans le Tanrangire, ou cette bataille d’une heure entre 2 hippopotames pour défendre «  leur  piscine » dans le cratère de Ngorongoro,  ou ces chasses…, de lionnes à quelques mètres de notre voiture et parfois non réussie, du guépard  sur les gazelles : ouf ! pour elles et aussi pour nous ! Pendant ces moments d’observations, Joh nous expliquait comment reconnaître chacun de ces animaux et  leurs modes de vie. Un vrai plaisir et un dépaysement total !

Malgré des pistes parfois sur « une tôle ondulée »  en allant dans le Serengeti, nous étions en toute confiance avec notre guide et très bon chauffeur !

Un tout grand Merci , Hakuna matata !

Claude, Sophie, Elodie de Lyon, France

Moses is a great guide! We really enjoyed him! Careful and courteous road driver, kind and generous. He is a very good driver and he really knows his safari: animals, and bird information. I would enjoy going with him again.

Great vehicle for safari, comfortable and clean. The food at all camps was terrible. We had very prompt and courteous communication. Great price value and very personable staff. Your company is great. More people should know about all you are doing and the quality of your service.

Jody, Heidi and Keith, USA, January 2011

Joh is an excellent driver – we had complete confidence on his driving skills, safety, and knowledge of the area, people, traditions, animals and habitat. We learned a lot from Joh about many topics.

Patrick is a fantastic chef – chakula tamu (delicious food). Every meal was excellent, good variety and we ate much better (and more) food on safari than we do at home. We were impressed at what Patrick can cook on a fire.

We loved the car – loved to be able to stand up with pop up roof and the seats were very comfortable. We liked that this is a locally owned and operated company. Asante Sana – we will tell others about RA Safaris.

The Underhill Family (John, Sue, Jacob and Abby), Ontario, Canada, November 2010

No Ordinary Safari – Wheelchair Users

After much research we chose RA Safaris based out of Arusha for a 7 day budget camping safari (July 2010) on the Northern Circuit. Eli was excellent as he provided prompt responses to our e-mails and was flexible in setting up a custom itinerary that worked for us and was within our budget.

Our driver/guide Fadhil was absolutely meticulous about following the rules and NEVER went off the trails as we saw some of the other safari company’s vehicles doing. He was unhurried and patient as well as very knowledgeable. At times he would suggest we “just wait a while” and something amazing like black rhinos or leopards would appear. He is clearly an elder statesman amongst the drivers.

Our cook Amani provided excellent meals, always with more than we could eat. Truly amazing what the man could do with one propane burner and charcoal in a campground. Lots of vegetables and even quiche one day!

Safari is a very rugged experience involving a lot of driving on gravel and dirt roads with loads of dust in the dry season. It was comforting to have a very experienced driver and delicious meals throughout the day. We thoroughly enjoyed Fadhil’s company in the evenings and his willingness to answer our copious questions.

The fact that our daughter uses a wheel chair didn’t faze the staff. They were very accommodating of our needs and respectful of our situation. They dutifully tied and untied the wheelchair from the top of the vehicle as needed.

We highly recommend this Tanzanian owned and operated company. You can check out some of our pictures on our website at or ask them for our email if you would like to ask questions about our experience.

The Bissky Dziadyk Family from Canada, July 2010

The vehicles were amazing. I enjoyed riding with all of them Amani, Salehe, and Joh Each one had special interest which I learned a great deal. Most of the lodges were very elegant with very comfortable rooms.

I particularly liked the order in which we did things. The tent lodge (Tindiga Tented Lodge) experience was especially unique and rewarding.

I recommend your company without hesitation.

Thank you all.

Bob Robert Stein, USA 2008

Joh was full of information. There was not a single question he couldn’t answer about wildlife or Tanzanian culture. He commented on and gave background about every animal, plant and bird we saw. Everyone loved being in his car. He is also great fun. All guides Joh, Salehe, and Amani were very patient and god natured about answering our questions.

Vehicles: vehicles were well maintained, clean, and quite comfortable considering the bumpy roads we traveled.


  • Ilboru Safari Lodge: Loved atmosphere and friendly staff/great food
  • Tindiga Tented Lodge: lots of character, fun to be in a tent one night
  • Bougainvillea Safari Lodge: Beautiful grounds, nice rooms, very comfortable
  • Arumeru River Lodge: great accommodations, friendly owners
  • Momella Wildlife Lodge: rather rustic, but fine for a night, loved seeing giraffes grazing behind cabin
  • Serengeti Sopa Lodge: Very upscale (more than I’m used to) rooms clean and comfortable

All lodges had good service and food, and friendly staff. I can’t remember specifically all lodges.

Karen Clark, Nevada City, USA

Fadhili has amazing knowledge, experience and is patient. Articulate regarding animals, birds and culture. His curiosity and passion were inspiring. Very sensitive and considerate to our needs + courteous and respective to wildlife.

Innocent (Chef) was flexible and accommodating. He cooked delicious food, helpful and sweet company. Very observant and responsive to our needs beyond food.

The Landover is a hardy machine and earned our deepest respect. . Driver and Mechanic Fadhili was impeccable, vehicle always clean despite Mzungu Chafu (Dirty Mzungu).

Ian Coss Group 2007

Salehe is extremely bright and knowledgeable not only about the animals and their habits, but about Tanzanian culture, history, politics, e.t.c as well. He was very generous in sharing his information, kept a running commentary throughout the day. I don’t think there was a single question he couldn’t answer. Very personable as well and a lot of fun! Very good eye for spotting animals too.

Ori was also very knowledgeable and personable. He presented a lot of info and answered all our questions. While driving through his tribal territory, I enjoyed the additional info about his tribe that he provided plus listening to him talk to locals in his language made fore more personal experience. Excellent eye for spotting animals (binocular eyes!).

I never saw any of the drivers show any signs of imitations from the constant bandage f questions and the sometimes trying conditions (flat tires). They were fantastic. Real People. Nothing rehearsed anything “canned”.

Vehicles: vehicles were great for viewing because with top up, vehicles allowed for a breeze and were very comfortable.

May be Salehe drive a vehicle that accommodates more people?
During planning of the trip, Zeph were extremely helpful in answering our questions and providing information. I was extremely impressed with RA Safaris: The trip far surpassed my expectations. I will definitely do my best to promote RA Safaris when I go home.

Rae Schwaderer, Aptos, USA

Daniel is a very experienced guide. He told us a lot about the animals. Drove the car very good. Took us to a lot of great places and sights. Easy to talk with. Great sense of humor. An extra ++++ for the sunset trip on Christmas Eve, which made our safari extra special. He was simply great.

Prosper cooked excellent food. A lot of food. The chef was very accommodating and professional. Dinner always ready on time. Prosper seems to be very innovative when cooking. We would have liked more traditional Tanzanian food. The Christmas cake was very much appreciated.

All camping sites was nice, all surroundings was very good.

The vehicle was always clean and nice. It was comfortable with plenty of room for the three of us.

I thank you for a GREAT Safari!!

Daniel Rutgersson, Matilda Andersson, Tomas Olsson – SWEDEN.

This experience far exceeded my expectations. Each driver guide was skilled and knowledgeable in a slightly different area so being a passenger was a different experience with the different drivers/guides.

  • Salehe: a vast knowledge of animal life and social customs of groups of people
  • Amani: quick spotter of exotic birds
  • Joh: keen eye for animals. We enjoyed and learned much about Tanzanian politics from him

Lodges were comfortable, some more than others-however, no complaints. The tented lodge was wonderful because we were so close to nature.

The vehicle were “hakuna matata”

This was one of the most wonderful trips of my life-Thanks to all of you.

Laura Stein, USA

Amani is a very very good chef. Made always something special (and more than enough). The best chef we saw comparing with other groups. The camping equipment was very good, no complaints. Everything seemed better than other groups we met.

Zeph was very helpful. Perhaps put more options on the website.

Marina and Albertjan, Netherlands

All guides were helpful. Salehe was very knowledgeable and Amani was a charmer. They all pleased us. All the hotel staff were friendly especially the ones out in the remote areas.

Prices are reasonable for your hard work and long hours.

Suyemi Toyama, USA

We were very happy with the experience we had with Manuel. He was wonderful. He knew a lot about the animals, their habits and would always tell us interesting facts and information. He would also always truly try t find us all of the animals possible and see.

  • Ilboru Safari Lodge: great stay and fabulous meals
  • Bougainvillea Safari Lodge: Very nice Resort

Fun vehicle to ride in. loved being able to stand up and see everything.

This was a great experience. Always we felt that RA Safaris was going above and beyond for us.

Jennifer Ferguson and Graham Hook, Canada

This trip has been absolutely wonderful and will treasure the memories of all we saw and experienced. RA Safaris made me feel very safe and taken care of in a fairly hostile environment. When trip was over, I felt like I had a new family…… the guides helped to create an environment of fun and “Real Adventure Safari”. The tent camp was wonderful…. I loved the experience and amazed at how luxurious it felt! I would recommend all trips to include this.

Margaret (Peggy) Blessing, USA

A fantastic trip – thank you so much. You looked after us so well and all your team were incredibly friendly. It was an incredibly well run and well organized trip. I hope to bring my husband back soon.  The food was incredible. Joseph worked so hard and provided us with amazing meals—- brilliant, great variety and very tasty. George and mike were always very helpful.

The tents were great! Very pleased to have mattress. The eating area was brilliant.

Rebecca Streatfeid, UK

I had a great trip. The wildlife viewing was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. Salehe provided excellent guiding. Very sensitive to clients needs/requests. For example at Ngorongoro Crater he stopped for me every time we encountered Grey Crowned Cranes because I loved them and got the exact camera shot I wanted. He was also very good about positioning the vehicle so we had the opportunity to obtain the best photographs and lighting. Probably the best example of his attentiveness was exchanging the warm water bottles for cold ones at the store the water was bought at on a very warm day. His courtesy and thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated by me and my fellow passengers. Salehe is an excellent Driver-cum Guide. He was very considerate of the passengers trying not to bounce us around unnecessarily on the rough roads by avoiding potholes as best he could. He passed other vehicles safely and at reasonable speeds. Salehe is a very knowledgeable and excellent guide with remarkable observational eyesight. He was great about stopping for bird watch and helping us to identify any bird spotted. He also taught us the Swahili names of the animals and more. Salehe answered questions about plants, animals, and birds as well as whatever questions we thought of. He was always friendly, kind, thoughtful, very patient and respectful. As you can tell, I cannot say enough of how much I appreciate Salehe and the great service he provided. Asante san Sana Sana Ori.

Tamara Sasaki, Tahoe City, CA-USA

Emmanuel was very kind and the driving skill very good but so tough which was sometimes exciting.

Sunny Kang, Korea

I can’t say enough good things about Salehe. He is so good at being a guide in everything. He is very thoughtful-he knows how to position the vehicle for the best viewing and light for pictures. He follows vehicles far enough behind to avid as much dust as possible and he patiently waits for us to take pictures and doesn’t start until we are ready. He has an amazing knowledge of wildlife, including birds and an even more amazing ability to spot them in difficult conditions-far away in trees or bush etc he is always positive, smiling, friendly and he can change a tire in no time. He is fantastic and I am glad he was a part of my safari experience.

The lodges that were chosen were very nice, much nicer than I thought we would get for the money we spent. The staff and service were especially good.  Everyone was very warm, welcoming, and professional.

This was the trip of a life time. I had so much fun, saw so many wildlife species, so many diverse habitats, learned so much about Tanzania, tribal societies etc. the trip was very well-paced, the destinations and activities were great and I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.

Good Luck.

Laura Patterson, Sacramento-USA

Guides were fantastic. The meals were brilliant. How Joseph made such amazing food at the top of the mountain…………Brilliant.

The standard of service and desire to help ++++ made the trip special and incredible. I have been extremely impressed both times I have traveled with RA Safaris. Particularly reassuring is the confident way in which Zeph solved any problems. We had to visit the hospital in couple of scary occasions and it was comforting to have such an informed and capable team supporting us.

Thank you so much.

Emma Kirk, UK.

Guiding was excellent all round. Great food quality. We all had a fantastic time. I am looking forward to bringing another group next year.

Ben Wilkinson, UK

Great drivers, safe, considerate and well informed on birds and animals. Will stop and let us take photos and will ask us if we are ready to go. GOOD JOB. The hotels were all wonderful. Vehicles were GREAT considering the terrain we went through. Good variety of activities between cultural and animal viewing. WELL PLANNED.

Laurel King, Woodland, USA Website:

Outstanding Guides. We are very grateful for all the efforts. Great chef—–excellent food everyday. The RA Safaris team was all very helpful and did a first rate job throughout the trip. Many thanks to them all.

Howard Tuckett, Caterham, UK

Gudes, very knowledgeable and excellent in driving. Excellent CEO skills. The hotels were gracious hosts and excellent accommodations. The vehicle was well maintained—- I feared Tanzanian vehicles would have many breakdowns but I was joyously wrong! I am taking my photos to a local travel agency.

Marsha Hand, USA

Amazing Guide. His driving was superb. He was very good at spotting animals at distance. I have no idea how Joseph produced such good food. Thank you very much for making our trip so good and for making my birthday so special. I will miss you all.

Ollie Atherton, 31 Peter Avenue, Oxted, R118 9LG, England.

Robert (driver-cum guide) was service minded and took very good care to us. He was a careful driver, which made us feel very comfortable. He was also an excellent guide and a good animal spotter. Robert was very nice and friendly with a positive attitude. We hope to have him as our guide on our next safari trip as well.

Kitoi (chef) was also very service minded bringing us impressively good food, and always with a positive attitude. He always made sure we got the best possible. Also recommended for future safaris.

The campsite at Lake Manyara (Twiga Campsite) and Ngorongoro (Simba Campsite) was ok; Robert and Kitoi improved the campsites with their great service.

The trip was over our expectations.

Juan, Jessica, Martin and Charlotte, Sweden

The guide (Johnson) was very knowledgeable and very kind. The services were excellent. He was very patient and a responsible driver. We really appreciated his services. He was well prepared not only with knowledge, but also with a pair of binoculars to share with all of us (thanks!).

Everything ran very smoothly, professionally, and the staff were very nice and helpful. We will recommend RA Safaris to other travelers.

Adrienne, Milo, and Tina, USA and UK

Johnson is friendly and honest, that makes you feel at home and you can trust his opinion, therefore offers straightforward and good service. He had binoculars and books for us to share.

Amani (Peace) was always in good mood, even very early in morning. He is a good chef and we appreciated his service. Apart from cooking he also provided us with warm water in the morning and evenings. He also knows about the national parks.

The camping equipment were perfect. The tent was very good.

The vehicle was very comfortable

Zephniah, Asante Sana tena! (That’s Swahili meaning ‘thanks a lot again’) for all your participation. Your persistence and cool head convinced us to go with your company, and we had good time. Thanks to driver and cook, and you of course. We will promote your safaris in The Netherlands.

Lotje Paauwe and Jonathan Lekkerkerk, The Netherlands

Wonderful! Johnson was so attentive, helpful, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable (keep up with those classes!) and an excellent animal spotter! He was also a very careful driver. We knew we were in good hands.

We had the best tent in the campsite. The sleeping bags were clean, warm, and so were the pillows. Thank you.

The jeep was amazingly clean when it picked up in Arusha. Top went up without problem and there was enough space for everyone.

Zeph, thank you for your care. We were very impressed by your professionalism and how all the details were taken care of, including accommodation upon return. We appreciated your calls to the guide to keep in touch and your constant attention. In fact we plan to write to our guide books to include you in their next edition.

Lindsay, Nikola, and Kim. England and USA

Guiding skills were very good and we felt safe. The food was very good and tasty. The equipment were very comfortable.

Very nice Trip. It exceeded our expectations in total. Thank you very much! (ASANTE SANA!).

Anders and Petra, Sweden

Robert was a good driver and excellent at spotting animals. He knew a lot. We appreciated friendly and professional treatment (both on arrival and during the tour). Robert tried really hard to find the animals (which he succeeded with). He drove from early morning to late afternoon.

Rikard and Beatrice, Sweden

Michael was very good in guiding, knowledge, friendly and good English. Much food, good taste.
The hotel (Out Post) was in good standard, good staff and service, Internet accessibility and good breakfast.
We are very pleased.

Anders and Jenny, Sweden

The food was so delicious, Willy is a good chef. The guide and his assistant tried hard to make us feel safe and reach the roof of Africa. They did a great job. Generally speaking, the chef, porters did a great job. The food was in time and good.

Deliang and Timothy, China