Mount Uluguru

Uluguru Mountain is located about 190 km west of Dar es Salaam City. It can be reached by road, train and air. The mountain is overlooking the agricultural area around Morogoro and actually Morogoro town is at the base of Uluguru Mountain in one part. The Uluguru Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc range and are named after the Luguru tribe, a matrilineal group that farms on its slopes. The area has some of the oldest forest in Africa, and because the ecosystem has remained undisturbed by climatic and geographical changes for estimated 25 million years, hiking in the area is particularly rewarding. A plethora of endemic birds and insects’ species are found here.

Uluguru Mountain is situated in between Morogoro rural and Mvomero districts. The name comes from the local tribe who lives around it; Waluguru. It is part of The Eastern Mountains Arc. The streams from this mountain join Ruvu River which is the water supply to Dar es Salaam City. The highest point is 2,630. Uluguru Mountain is surrounded by 51 villages and population of more than 151, 000 people. There are some reserves like Uluguru South, Kasanga Mkangala, Mlaliwala, Ngababaula, Tongeni River etc. All these reserves cover an area of 37,700 ha.

Trekking Uluguru Mountain takes hardly one day (up and down) from Morogoro town. Important for the trek include gears of which waterproof boots are necessary as in most cases the route is full of water or mud, a larger part of it. The weather is conductive and there is no need to put on cold cloth….one coat would suffice.