Mount Lemagrut

This mountain is on the western side of the Ngorongoro Crater. The summit is10, 397ft. above sea level and the mountain is often clouded over and rain can be encountered during the hike. We advise you to trek early in the morning when the sun is rising.

It is best to wear trekking boots because the ground is covered with short thorny bush. The thorns can easily poke right through light shoes. While you are walking you will encounter some buffaloes and lion on the way so armed ranger from The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority must lead the trek.

There are at least 2 trails to the summit, Longoojo and Laandana. Laandana and Ilmisigiyo are the campsites where you can camp within the mountain. These are special campsites but alternatives trekkers can camp at Simba Public Campsite. The trekking takes about 4 hrs up and down. This trek can be part of your visit to the Ngorongoro Crate floor. It would be that you do game viewing in the crater floor for one day then the next day go for trekking in the morning and later in afternoon drive back to Arusha of Serengeti depending on desired program.