There are two rain seasons in Tanzania, one of long rains and the other short rains whereby these seasons are separated by dry periods. Usually the best time to visit is during dry periods or just after the rain season although in recent years there have been uncertainties in this trend, sometimes raining may not fall as expected but otherwise.

Tanzania Dry Season

This season starts from June to October and from December to early March. This is a dry season and most dusty in Tanzania. This is the best time for Safari (there is less vegetation so animals are easily viewed), Climbing and Zanzibar Beach Excursions. During this season, there are many tourists flowing to Tanzania, as a result it may be difficult to get flights if not booked early and in that we recommend you book your flight (early) before booking for safari in Tanzania.

During October it rains but the rain doesn’t fall continuously hence remain fantastic for safari although sometimes when the rain falls may disperse animals.

Tanzania Rain Season

The long rains fall from late March to late May and this makes the period considered not very ideal for wildlife safari, Mountain Climbing and Zanzibar Beach Excursions. It is fantastic to go for safari just after the rain seasons as the rain creates greenish vegetation so becomes much more beautiful and less dust.

Recommended Best Time

Except during rains, other periods are appropriate for safaris, climb and Zanzibar. However, for safari, we recommend late May, June, and November as in these months there are less tourists in Tanzania contrary to tourist peak months of July, august, December and January.

Other Information

Although the rain seasons are not well recommended as suitable for safari, yet not absolutely discouraged to visit only that one should prepare to meet the adventure challenge. The roads out of towns and those in the national parks are rough, so becomes quite slippery, rivers may overflow and stacking in the mud may happen sometimes.

Climbing, is doable during the rain seasons but it becomes not only less pleasant to climb and camp in the rain but also less visible and for that reason if you climb during rain season follow Marangu Route so as to stay in huts. However, you should prepare and pick your rain gear as the weather on the mountains is not such systematic so it may rain anytime even during dry season especially for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Equally, the long rain season is not the best time to visit Zanzibar and most hotels are closed during this period in Zanzibar.