Basic Camping

Camping safari keeps the nature close to tourists. Taking meals at the campsite is like proceeding with game viewings as you will still be seeing different animals around the campsite. You should not be worried having your nights together with lions and other animals in the bush as all these animals are used to people in some way and are always friendly unless they are disturbed. If you happen to camp in Serengeti there is no doubt that you will hear animals like lions with high voice sounds but there is no any incident reported about any campers being attacked……the nature becomes real here. Apart from that you also enjoy the universe full of stars as if there is no space to occupy all of them. You can be able to identify some. Day time in the camp brings more encounters with wildlife.

 Basic camping canvas tentBasic/Budget Camping

Budget camping involves traveling with all your equipment, your guide and possibly a Chef in same vehicle. Once you arrive at the campsite tents are set up and the chef prepares meals. When you are at the campsite early, you will unpack everything from the safari vehicle including your bags then go for game viewing. Basic camping involves traveling with all your camping equipment. Camping equipment include tents (Mostly canvas), mattresses, chairs, tables, sleeping bags, and cookery utensils. Beds are usually mattresses on the floor in tents. Sometimes we bring camping beds depending on clients’ preference but we find it more enjoyable with mattresses on the floor. It’s real an adventure.